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Swinburne Ventures


The role of Swinburne Ventures will be to scrutinise and evaluate the opportunities for commercialisation brought to its attention by Swinburne Knowledge and/or the senior management of the University, and to provide advice on:

  • whether the opportunities should, in fact, be developed and resources provided
  • if so, what would be the most appropriate strategies to take to develop them
  • if injection of seed capital or venture capital is needed, where to go to source this capital
  • whether the University should invest in the development of the innovation itself
  • whether spin-off companies should be formed.

Swinburne Ventures will also hold the University's stake in any spin-off companies formed. In addition close alignment with structures which can provide investment is continually being developed. In parallel, the University is also considering the development of an wholesale investment trust which will be one of the sources of capital for innovations endorsed by the Swinburne Ventures Board.


Swinburne Ventures is supported by a high-level board, well qualified to advise the University on the development of commercial activities:

The Board aims to meet 4-5 times per year to consider proposals, but can also meet in a virtual environment outside those meetings.